Delivery Information

Insurance Policy

Add protection with BIORBI insurance premium and receive compensation for loss or damage of goods during international delivery and protect your parcel against external factors during transit.

Cost: Insurance premium costs 3% of the total price of the order.

For example, if the entire order costs 500 USD, the premium will be 15 USD.

Please refer to our Complaint & Return Policy to report loss, damage, or missing contents of a parcel.


What is covered?

●     If parcel is lost in transit, BIORBI will either give you a full refund, or rebuy & resend your goods. A full refund includes all costs regarding your purchase including item costs, service fees, and all shipping fees. It does not, however, cover the money service fee that is used to transfer money into your BIORBI account.

●     If items in the parcel are missing, BIORBI will refund you the cost of the item, including domestic shipping.

●     If there are major physical damages to the items (such as holes in your clothes, cracked screen, etc.), BIORBI will compensate you for items fee and domestic delivery fee.

●     If the item does not work as advertised, BIORBI will only refund you the service fee.

●     If the parcel is returned to us because of delivery error, we will resend it with no additional costs. However, if it is returned to us because of refusal to comply with your country's Customs or rejection of parcel, you will be responsible for all additional costs.


Limits of Insurance

●     Returned parcels for reasons involving your local customs will not be compensated. We have no jurisdiction over your country's customs.

●     Returned parcels because you failed to pick up your parcels will not be compensated. You will be responsible for additional fees to have your packet redelivered.

●     Insurance does not cover the durability of your items.

●     If items do not work as expected, insurance will cover your service fee.



●     Postal delays

●     Taxes or tariffs imposed by Customs

●     Detainment or confiscation of your goods by Customs

●     Durability of your items, item packaging (shoe boxes, etc.)

●     Any form of warranty, expiration dates, etc. of your items.

●     Minor color differences in your product. If your product does not look as green as the green in the picture you saw, we are not responsible.



If my parcel is lost during the delivery, can I get compensation?

●     For an insured parcel, BIORBI will provide full compensation if the parcel lost during delivery.

●     For the uninsured parcel, BIORBI can only provide compensation for the international shipping fee. We strongly recommend you to choose insurance for your parcel


Do you feel frustrated or annoyed if you buy the wrong size of clothes online? Because the body shapes of people are different; different brand of clothes also have different size standard. So some people sometimes will worry about the clothes size they choose if correct or wonder how to find the correct clothes size. Then how do we avoid choosing the wrong size that does not fit us perfectly? Here are some advices to figure out the correct size of clothes and make your online shopping process a great fun.

Measure yourself using a flexible measuring tape first

It is very useful to have a plastic measuring tape in hand when shopping online. You must know your clear dimension of bust/chest, waist, and hips and so on. So measure yourself first. Please do not pull the tape tightly when measuring. And be aware that the tape remains parallel to the floor.


A: Shoulder Width
Stand erect and relaxed, measure across upper back from end of one shoulder bone (top of arm) to the other end of shoulder bone (top of arm).

B: Bust/chest
Stand erect and relaxed, then measure your bust/chest around the fullest part of your bust/chest line with the tape passing under the arms in a circle. (If you are female, it is important to wear a bra to be accurate.)

C: Waist
Stand relaxed and breathe out, measure around your natural waistline which is the narrowest part near your belly button.

D: Hips
Stand still with your feet normally apart and put the tape around the fullest part of your hips in one circle.

E: Arm Length
Put your one arm at the side, place one end of the tape at the nape of the neck and measure to the shoulder and down the arm to the wrist.

After taking the measurements correctly, you have to pay attention to one more thing. You must know clothes you choose are tight or loose, larger or smaller than usual. You may need to float the size up and down according to the pattern, material or item description shown online. And also it is necessary to have a look at other buyers' comments and suggestions. (Please be aware that Chinese size is a little smaller than international size.)

If you are still not very sure about the clothes size, please kindly write down your body sizes including your body height, weight, bust/chest, hips etc., and then ask our customer service for help. We will help you to coordinate and communicate with online sellers. The sellers will give some advices, and then you can decide by yourself.

Enjoy online shopping in China!


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